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IT Services Management



IT service management (ITSM) encompasses all elements of managing information technology services, including planning, designing, building, implementing, deployment, improvement and support for both internal and external stakeholders with a goal to consistently improve services to best meet business objectives.

ITSM ensures the right technology, processes, and people are in place for the organization to realize its long term objectives. ITSM improves the quality and speed of service delivery and maximizes customer satisfaction. Some businesses leverage ITSM software not just for the management and support of their IT systems but also to broker and manage a wide range of processes and services across the enterprise.

ITSM Scope

We use a process-based lifecycle service approach to build our ITSM framework.Our scope of services include:

  • Asset Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Monitoring and Incident Management

  • Change Management

  • Support 

  • Procurement and Installation/Deployment

  • Decommissioning of assets/services

  • Facility relocation

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