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Learning Management Partner

Organisational: Vendor Partnership

It can be very time-consuming to manage partnerships with vendors. It also requires dedication and a unique skill set. With our wealth of industry contacts, resources and experience we can lighten the burden for you by managing all aspects of vendor management. Please submit your enquiry here and we will be in touch.


Organisational: Project-Specific

We can partner with you to manage all learning and training for your projects. By reviewing project objectives and requirements, followed by a skills gap analysis of your team members, we can provide recommendations and deliver necessary training. If our existing courses are not suitable, we can even create a custom one for you.


Individual: Career-Oriented

We can manage the career learning and educational goals of your employees. This will involve an initial skills inventory, required training and skills for their job function as well as requested training to meet their career aspirations. By setting milestones and mapping a career learning path, we can ensure team satisfaction, performance and overall morale.

Training Lifecycle

At networkology, we adopt a lifecycle services approach to managing learning for organisations and individuals. This means we are constantly evaluating learning opportunities and training effectiveness to meet individual and organisational training goals.

networkology training lifecycle

Get in Touch

Please complete the Partner Enquiry Form and let us know how we can work together.

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