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Custom Course Development


What can we

After our initial consultation with you, we will have a good understanding of your requirements. Regular communication between our developers and you, our valued customer, will ensure we obtain adequate feedback to ensure we are meeting your objectives.

Once we understand your training requirements, we then commence our development process. Some of the ways we can create a custom course for you include:

Completely from scratch

We have the experience and expertise to create courses from scratch. This means creation of content, slides and all resources will be original work and not breach any copyright notices.

Using existing material(s)

Sometimes you require different parts from a number of courses. We can structure and sequence selected topics to create a course that meets your objectives. We will ensure a smooth and educationally sound course flow and suggest the inclusion of additional content if necessary.

Modifying existing material(s)

You may require certain parts of existing material(s) with modifications, being extending the topic's depth of coverage, or reducing it. We can take existing material and make the necessary modifications so you have exactly what you require.

Combination of any of the above

This is what usually happens. We will try to source any existing material(s) in the first instance to ensure timeliness of development and delivery.


Your training requirements are critical to the success of your team and ultimately your business operations. ​Whether you require training for a specific project, team, technology or group of technologies/solutions, you need a course that can at least meet your objectives. 

Off-the-shelf courses may not be suitable as they may contain more material than necessary, or not enough. Sometimes you require specific parts from different courses but do not have the time or financial resources to send your team members to multiple training courses.

Often, there may be a vendor solution that is not covered in an existing course, or not to same extent that you require.

This is why custom course development is critical to ensure training effectiveness. We can create a custom course that's right for your team, project, business and budget.

What we Develop and Deliver

Our development deliverables can be customised to suit your training objectives. We can create materials with personalisation, meaning your corporate logos will be displayed on all assets.

Dependent on requirements, we can develop and create the following resource deliverables:

  • Learner Guide - sometimes called a student guide

  • PowerPoint Slides

  • Labs and Lab Guide - where required and available

  • Assessments - to validate learning at milestone checkpoints

  • Videos and Video on Demand - either wholly or blended

  • Instructor Guide - if you plan on delivering it yourself

  • Course Administration Guide - for all course logistics

  • Course marketing assets - statement of course overview, content, objectives,...

Our Development Process

Training Needs Analysis

We will engage with you to understand your training requirements and objectives in the first instance. We will schedule regular meetings to obtain feedback on our development process to ensure there is no project deviation.

Skills Gap Analysis

Once target learners are identified, we will take an inventory of their existing skill sets and analyse against the training requirements to establish any knowledge gaps. These gaps will form a majority of the course content. These gaps will be continually monitored against the development materials so that we don't miss anything.

Course Development

We then start building your course, starting with a detailed project plan with set milestones and dates. Regular feedback is critical to the success of the project so that the appropriate materials are developed and the correct topics covered.

Validation and Acceptance

Before final handover, we will schedule a "dry run" of the delivery and review of the materials with key stakeholders and a sample of the learner audience. WE will then make any adjustments as necessary then schedule delivery of the materials.

Once the course has been developed, you can select to either deliver the course or have one of our developers/instructors deliver it for you.

networkology course customisation process

Some of our Clients

To learn more, please complete the Hire an Expert Enquiry Form and we will be in touch shortly.

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