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Learning Services

Providing Everything You Need


Online Classes

We offer a range of training courses to meet your  learning needs. There are two schedules:

  • US Eastern Time Zone

  • Australian Eastern Time Zone

On Demand Learning


Here you will find access to state-of-the-art Video on Demand resources. If you cannot make it to an online class, these are a perfect alternative to guide you on your learning journey. Thank you for your patience while we develop this part of the web site for you!


Custom Course Development

Does your organisation have a specific training need that is not offered as a standalone product? We can fully develop and create a custom course for you to ensure your training is exactly what you need.

eLearning Labs

Study at your own pace

If you don't have the time or do not wish to sit through an instructor-led class, you will find our eLearning solution very helpful. You can purchase access to state-of-the-art guided hands-on labs for each course. Most of the courses will come with access to the official course study materials.

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