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eLearning for Microsoft and AWS

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Do you prefer to self-pace your learning?

Not able to attend an instructor-led class?

Do you want to learn a solution by practising on a lab?


Our eLearning solution provides you the opportunity to purchase access to a course and lab which you can use to study at your own pace, or learn configurations/deployments with guided instructions.

We have labs available for Microsoft and AWS courses, preparing you for specific certification exams.

All our labs come with:

  • An Azure or AWS Subscription, where relevant

  • Free 24/7 email support from lab vendor

  • 180 days full access to the lab

  • Step-by-step lab guide

  • Access to the official course materials, for exam preparation (Microsoft courses only).


Once your purchase is finalised, you will receive an email within 24 hours providing all necessary links and access codes required. Your 180-day lab access commences when you launch your first lab activity.



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